Hello! And thank you for visiting our website. We are very excited about introducing you to our newly published 7th new book - REMARKABLE LEADERS: Risk Takers Who Dare Us. Click here to watch feature videos on people featured in the book!

While much of our world is fighting over oil and gas, political power and corruption, a small, but very powerful group of people, are fighting for the survival and dignity of the world's people. They are doing this by observing major problems in the world and doing something about them. Some are using their earned status, such as Dr. Muhammad Yunus (Microcredit) and President Bill Clinton, to alleviate world wide oppression. We were honored to give President Clinton the first copy of the book, "REMARKABLE LEADERS: Risk Takers Who Dare Us" at his Health Matters Conference.

After interviewing over 3,000 leaders throughout my career, 82 of which are in the book, I've concluded that these people are doing what they do not for the sake of personal glory but because they feel it is the right thing to do.

We are in an extraordinary time in our history when people feel an overwhelming need to help others through their talents, time, and money.

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